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“We use this product for our pig who lives in our mudroom. It was the perfect solution as litter and we found him pushing the bedding into his house so we now use it for him as litter and as a bed.  He loves it.”

Meggin P.

“I found this product at a booth at our 4-H fair. It was the solution we were looking for. Our hamster who was having eye irritation on cedar bedding was miserable. We switched to this product and the irritation was gone. Also. it lasted a long time and it was really nice because it wasn’t dusty it was really clean.”

Cary J.

“I absolutely love it for the rabbit cages. Ours are in wire bottom cages and it controls the smell incredibly. I let the cages go an extra day to see how well it works and I am truly pleased with the results. It would be wonder as a nest box bedding since it is so soft. I think this is a great product for cavy and rabbit pets. Oh, also, it lasts a LONG time. We have the large bag and we have 11 cages that we have cleaned 3 times and we still have half a bag left! It’s ince ‘bed’ able!!!

Donna C.

“This bedding is soft, absorbent and stops urine smell. Now my hamster’s house doesn’t smell like ammonia if I miss his cleaning schedule.”

Gracie F.