251 West Shore Drive, Hamburg, PA 19526

About Us

Comfy Critter Bedding is a family owned and operated business. We started out by manufacturing bedding for our own animals and now we are sharing it with you. Comfy Critter premium straw is sourced and manufactured in the U.S. We pride ourselves on providing your animals with the same quality and comfort we insist on for our own. Our product is all natural and makes an excellent choice for animals with respiratory issues since it’s virtually dust free.

Here at Comfy Critter Bedding we understand pet owners, we know that pets bring out the best in us. They teach children responsibility and compassion, they console us when we are sad and share in our joy.  In exchange for their companionship they ask that you give them fresh water and food and a soft, clean bed. Your pet deserves to be comfortable and dry and we have just the ticket.